Management Team

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Clayton Duncan has over 20 years’ experience as a biopharmaceutical CEO, working with scientific founders and employees to direct research toward effective drug discovery and development. He received an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MA from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

As a CEO, Mr. Duncan has raised over $150 million in venture and public capital markets, including two successful IPOs. He has built operational biopharmaceutical companies from initiation, including building management teams, hiring staff, obtaining facilities and establishing and executing a business strategy. He has negotiated and closed strategic asset acquisitions, divestitures and partnerships, including four R&D collaborations with major pharmaceutical companies and three research collaborations with established biotechnology companies. In addition, he has orchestrated and negotiated profitable exits for shareholders through the sale of three biopharmaceutical companies.

Before coming to Accele Biopharma, he served as CEO for seven biopharmaceutical companies in the Research Triangle Park area, including Synereca Pharmaceuticals, Vindica Therapeutics, Ercole Biotech, Entegrion, Incara Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Sphinx Pharmaceuticals Corporation and CRX Medical.

President & Chief Operating Officer

As a corporate executive, Dr. Gammans has worked with all product development activities, including market evaluation, clinical research, biometrics, regulatory affairs and manufacturing. He has extensive experience in supporting investor relations and business development efforts and more than 30 years’ experience in all aspects of medication development and scientific support of marketed products. He has contributed to the development and regulatory approval of seven new molecular entities with over 50 national marketing authorizations in Western Europe and North America, including seven approved United States NDAs. He has key management experience in large, multi-national company, small company and start-up company environments.

Dr. Gammans received his MS and PhD degrees from the University of Georgia and completed an NIH postdoctoral fellowship in the University of Minnesota’s Departments of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology. He also holds an MS from Purdue University’s Krannert Graduate School of Management. He served as adjunct associate professor at Tufts University School of Medicine from 1994-2000, was a senior biochemist for USV Pharmaceutical Corp., and was associate director of Bristol Myers Co.’s Mead Johnson Pharmaceutical Division.

Prior to joining Accele, Dr. Gammans held executive positions with MediciNova Pharmaceuticals, Inc., INCARA Pharmaceuticals, Interneuron Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and GFI Pharmaceutical Services., Inc. Since 2009, Dr. Gammans has been engaged in several consulting, education and public-interest activities, including service as an outside reviewer of business plans for the Marine Biology and Drug Discovery Centers of Innovation, part of a $25 million economic development activity of the State of North Carolina administered by the NC Biotechnology Center (NCBC).

111_Kopke_photo_billfoldChief Medical Officer

Richard “Rick” Kopke, M.D., FACS, retired from the U.S. Army after serving for 22 years, and is currently practicing otology at the Otologic Medical Clinic in Oklahoma City as well as conducting research at the Hough Ear Institute in the areas of, preventing noise induced hearing loss, inner ear drug delivery, and auditory hair cell regeneration. He is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. He has written over 50 peer-reviewed articles, has been awarded patents, and has conducted clinical trials involving noise-induced hearing loss.

He was awarded the Edmund Prince Fowler Award for seminal research on preventing noise-induced hearing loss with drugs by the Triologic Society. He has built an international reputation as an expert in the field of inner ear medicine and noise-induced hearing loss.

He also received the Legion of Merit, one of our country’s highest military honors. Dr. Kopke is board certified in otolaryngology and has subspecialty certification in neurotology.

163_FloydRChief Science Officer

Robert Floyd, PhD has conducted NIH-funded basic biomedical research for over 35 years at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF). For 20 years he was head of the Free Radical Biology and Aging Research department and helped to recruit several highly accomplished scientists in this field of research to the OMRF and the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center. He is considered an international expert on the role of free radicals and reactive oxygen species in age related diseases and has won several awards including the Glenn Foundation for medical Research Award (1992), Top Award and Gold Medal of the American Aging Association (1996) and The Discovery Award of the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine (2007). He has pioneered in patented discoveries and translational science on the use of nitrones as therapeutics for the treatment of ischemic stroke as well as anti-cancer agents. This research resulted in collaboration efforts leading to the founding of Centaur Pharmaceuticals (1992) and Onconos LLC respectively. In the 8 yr history of Centaur Pharmaceuticals he served as a member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of this biotech company which partnered with AstraZeneca to develop NXY-059 for the treatment of stroke that underwent extensive phase I, II and III clinical trials. Over the last 5 years, he and Dr. Rick Kopke have collaborated in the development of the use of antioxidants for the treatment of noise-induced hearing loss in animal models. Their research has led to the discovery that specific nitrones and NAC act synergistically to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. These patented discoveries have helped lead to the founding of Otologic Pharmaceutics, Inc.

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Jones has over 17 years of experience as an accountant or controller in a variety of business settings. Most recently she was controller and director of accounting for CompOne Services, a national medical billing company. Before CompOne, she spent nine years as senior accountant and then as site controller for Genzyme’s Oklahoma glycobiology research facility. Prior to joining Genzyme, Ms. Jones was an accountant in professional partnerships and in manufacturing companies.

Ms. Jones holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting, from Oklahoma State University and is a Certified Public Accountant.